Riding on tremendous growth, California-based ColorQuartz is releasing a new collection of new colors in 2014. Organic Earth, Siberian White, Fiji White, Bel Air Beige, Milan Grey and Oyster Shell represent a definitive milestone for ColorQuartz. “We’re so busy [and] our brand is growing every day,” said Jemmy You, President and CEO. “We are very strong at what we do.”

Designed in California, ColorQuartz is produced at the company’s three Shanghai manufacturing plants, available in the U.S. through the company’s distributors, and specified across the U.S. “Quartz is the new thing,” said David Peh, Vice President. “And we’re all about timeliness, quality and selection. More and more, architects and designers specify ColorQuartz for their hospitality and multi-family projects. They see the practical applications.”

“2014 is an exciting year for us,” said Kelvin You, groomed to take over the company, affirmed. “We’re eyeing New York, and we want to bring in new talent to help the brand capture new opportunities.”

ColorQuartz explains that the new colors and sustained growth are the result of unrelenting dedication to its product and customers. “We have very good people,” said You. “We can produce a lot, and we love what we do.”