Blancor ecently added another stunning and durable fixture to its collection — the reversible Blanco Cerana Apron Front sink. Cerana is Blanco’s first Fireclay sink in the U.S. — made of natural material that is highly resistant to shock, heat, acid, discoloration and chips. The unique, reversible design with two different corner radius measurements adds versatility, as the ultra-slim sink installs to feature either a traditional rounded or contemporary contoured apron front.Blanco Cerana Apron Front sink

The newest material in luxury is actually centuries old. Fired at an intense heat of over 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 20 hours, Fireclay sinks were first used in the late 1800s. Blanco Cerana keeps the tradition alive while adding modern benefits of computer-aided kiln production that keeps temperatures consistent for high-quality control, a tight radius and a smooth non-porous finish that is extremely durable plus easy to clean. The hand-finished Cerana combines artisan technique, high-tech automation and a special recipe of fine granular materials, which give the ultra-slim sink its high mechanical strength. 

“The luxurious Blanco Cerana makes a statement on many levels,” stated Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for Blanco. “We’re seeing the fusion of traditional and contemporary in kitchen design today. Cerana is also uniquely reversible, which allows a designer or homeowner the choice of installing it with a traditional rounded or contemporary contoured look. What’s old is new — translating material function and traditional beauty into today’s modern kitchen.”

The Cerana sink has a center drain location, 9¼-inch bowl depth and can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth with plain warm water. The Blanco Cerana sink comes in two reversible apron front single-bowl styles (30 and 33 inches), one bar bowl style (17¼ inches) and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, according to the manufacturer.