Innovative Stone® has announced the introduction of Everlife™, its new brand of stain-resistant natural stone countertops, which do not require sealing and are protected by a breakthrough technology called PermaShield™ ( The availability of Everlife marks the first time that consumers will be able to purchase PermaShield-protected natural stone countertops outside of The Home Depot and Expo Design Center.

Everlife is comprised of an inspirational collection of designer-selected granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone colors from around the world. The upscale line of stone countertops is aimed at the high-end home improvement market, as well as architects and kitchen designers. “The art of selecting the finest stones for a home design project is key to the design professional,” said Karen Pearse, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Stone. “Everlife’s luxurious offering of resplendent colors allows the designer to focus his/her efforts on creating visionary designs for the client. The discerning consumer now has a truly unique and dazzling array of options for a stain-resistant natural stone countertop.”

The PermaShield™ process covers microscopic staining paths below the surface of granite. These paths are infused with molecular technology that causes them to adopt water and oil-repelling properties. Due to this revolutionary process, PermaShield™ does not affect or alter the surface of granite, leaving no added color or coating, according to the manufacturer.

The company reports that the development of stain-resistant granite is very important because studies, such as those conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, show that granite is the most desired countertop surface in America, and if you remove its only drawback, the popularity of granite can only grow.

With respect to health and safety, Everlife was developed as a “green” building product, and has received certifications from NSF International and the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI). Both of these independent, non-profit organizations have found Everlife natural stone countertops to be safe for use in the home, the company reports. Additionally, due to the fact that Everlife countertops require no sealing, the consumer doesn’t risk exposing their household to potentially harmful chemicals, which some sealers contain. “Innovative Stone’s commitment to creating innovative and environmentally safe products should serve as inspiration for other companies that design products that people use on a daily basis,” said Carl Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Greenguard.

Everlife comes with a 15-year warranty against staining, and it is available in 64 colors from select kitchen designers across the U.S.