ORLANDO, FL - In conjunction with the release of a space-saving display unit, American Stone Inc. of New Rochelle, NY, will be giving away $2,800 in cash to a lucky participant in their Coverings 2003 marketing campaign.

The campaign is based around ushering in 21st century technology to the retail sector of stone sales, with a product called The Workshop. The new display unit incorporates 30 sample boards with powerful design software to illustrate the variation and possible finishes of over 2,800 stone configurations, reports the company.

The products range from commonly used field tiles and layout patterns to custom mosaics and decoratives involving more than one type of material. The unit takes up 25 square feet of floor space, and the software program is as easy to use as the cash winnable at the show, according to American Stone, Inc.

For more information on how to enter the giveaway and view the stone sales technique and products, call 914-654-0489 or e-mail American Stone Inc. at andy@amerastone.com.