Stone and ceramic tile installation systems manufacturer, Laticrete International, Inc., introduces Laticrete Watertight Floor N' Wall Waterproofing, a liquid-applied waterproof membrane designed for residential and light commercial interior applications.

This two-part waterproofing system is made up of a green liquid rubber and a reinforcing fabric. The liquid is applied to the substrate with a paint roller. The reinforcing fabric is used for coves and corners, embedded into the waterproofing liquid. Once the waterproofing liquid is dry to the touch, the cured membrane is ready for stone, ceramic tile or brick installation, the company reports.

According to Laticrete, this waterproofing system is ideal for interior applications over concrete, cement plaster, backerboard, masonry or mortar beds, exterior grade plywood, brick masonry and gypsum wallboard. Laticrete Watertight Floor N' Wall Waterproofing is water-cleanable, easy to apply and virtually odorless, according to the company.

Recommended uses include installation on floors, walls and ceilings in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers and kitchens. The product is not recommended for continuos submersion in fountains and pools, Laticrete reports.

Circle No. 250