Simec S.p.A. has introduced the Simec F2200RX calibrating machine for granite slabs. This new machine uses modern technology, such as ball recycling guides, to control the positioning of the calibrating spindles and translation of the beam with motors in direct current. All this is maintained by an electronic control that automatically manages the productive phases.

This system reads the thickness of the slab to be calibrated in different points and automatically adjusts the calibrating spindles to equally divide the thickness to be removed on every single C3 head.

A second control maintains the removal capacity of the diamond tools by constantly keeping the absorbed power under control. In case the tolerance levels set by the operator are exceeded, the machine will automatically reduce the advancement speed of the belt and of the spindle-carrying beam.

Another technological element applied to this machine is the AAUD system that carries out self-learning of the diamond consumption on every single head.

All these applications have been designed to calibrate the granite slabs at a very low production costs with thickness tolerances between 3/10 mm and a surface equivalent to an abrasive grain of 120.

The Simec F2200RX machine's technical features includes a maximum workable width of 2,200 mm; minimum thickness of 10 mm and maximum thickness 150 mm; head rotation motor power of 4 Kw; diamond cutter rotation motor power of 22 Kw; diamond cutter dimensions of 320 x 130 mm; three diamond cutters per calibrating head; and a 15-Kw dressing spindle motor power. The number of applicable spindles is from 4+2 to 10+3.

Circle No. 298