Barton Mines Co., LLC, announced the formation of Barton Quarries, a new division that will quarry and market granite blocks. The division has initiated quarrying at the company's operations in North River, NY, and expects to make its first block shipments to customers this summer. Barton Quarries has selected the name Garnet Gem[tm] for its new granite. The stone features distinctive deep red garnet crystals, typically 1/4 to 3/4 inch in diameter, set among pale-green to white feldspar and black hornblende. The contrasting grains of the light-colored feldspar and dark-colored hornblende create a rich flowing surface with a three dimensional appearance, according to the company. Based on positive feedback received during test marketing, the company expects that Garnet Gem[tm] will be a popular granite for countertops, flooring and other architectural applications.

Information about Barton Quarries and Garnet Gem[tm] granite, including images and technical data, is available at the division's new Web site at The site will be updated frequently with product information and news in the months ahead as the company's plans move forward.

Barton Mines Co., LLC ( is a part of The Barton Group of companies, which mines and markets garnet for coated abrasives, glass finishing, sandblasting, abrasive waterjet cutting, water filtration and other applications.